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Hey Portland! Sure Oregon is getting some great money creating and saving benefits from the legalization of cannabis, but has it really changed how we've needed to hide away or brave the cold rain at times? We are here to offer a nurturing space for us all to relax and share some fun and interesting ideas. We hope we can offer a great place for locals and visitors alike. 


There is a main room with tables where we can chat in peace or play one of our many provided games. Separate from this area hopefully stimulating events or screenings will be going on throughout the week. We also have a back area for us to sit around a fire pit when the weather permits. We are walking distance from Zion Dispensary. Coffee and Tea are provided but self serve.


We collect club membership dues in the form of donations in one of three ways: *$5.00 a visit,

*$20.00 a month, or

*$120 a year.

Even those contributing per diem must be signed up as members. Donation comes with a small bowl, dab it, edible, or vegetarian dish.

I'm a geek. A lot of the events I will be able to host will be geek related: trivias, screenings, gaming, murder mysteries, and more. Other regular events we plan to hold are 420 yoga, karaoke, cannabis cooking, texas hold 'em, dungeons & dragons, and even some extra exclusive sexy events. We also hold themed parties regularly with live loval music performed by different artists and fun edibles to try. We would like to also have regularly planned excursions.

Please bring any product you wish to try, use, or share and we will regularly have things for you to sample in return. Some pieces can be provided but they cannot be reserved so if you want ensure you dont have to share, bring your own. And a dab station is also available.

Legal mumbojumbo:

A liability waiver must be signed in order to gain membership and of course IDs will be checked REGULARLY to ensure all inside the premises are 21+. Our location is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Our causes:

All money goes to sustaining the space and supporting our causes.

  • We offer a 15% discount to all vets with IDs. We are distressed by the quality of care provided by many VA facilities and would love to share our medicine with you.
  • We offer a 5% discount to 21+ students of PSU and OHSU with ID. Thank you for being our loyal neighbors.
  • We offer a 5% discount to senior citizens 65+ and up, BUT WE'LL STILL CHECK YOUR ID. 


  • Meat is not served on this premises. 
  • We endeavor to keep our footprint low and are commited to putting our resources towards sustainability goals.
  • All visual entertainment acquired once used is immediately donated.
  • We will struggle to make every accommodation possible for chronically ill members to also be able to use the space.
  • We accept all identities!

Finally. we sacrificed a lot to set up a residential cannabis club that most importantly could be walked to from downtown. We are on the doorsteps of two universities and are near MAX and bus routes as well as less than half a mile from a high end dispensary, Zion Cannabis. There is limited parking in front of our location but plenty of paid parking to walk from a block over. HOWEVER, we STRONGLY suggest members not drive. We ask that you not put others at risk. All members will sign a liability waiver as one of the major steps when enrolling but we are essentially taking a risk on a much more costly property to afford people the ability to walk or take public transport to our spot; we do deeply encourage you to take advantage of that.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!



Contact Us Today!

Hamsterdam Cafe
2057 SW Park Ave
Portland, 97201


(503) 342 - 7352



Sun-Thurs: 4:20pm - 10:20pm

Fri & Sun:  4:20pm - 11:20pm


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  • Capt Red (Saturday, April 07 18 07:02 pm EDT)

    Smells great!

  • Sam (Tuesday, January 30 18 04:51 pm EST)

    I saw some interesting events on meet up. Is there a fee for the cooking class tomorrow?
    Also curious about game nights. I

  • Brad Holmes (Friday, November 17 17 02:32 pm EST)

    I love it that is an alternative place to enjoy the blessings of cannabis. I hope to have some product to bring along.

  • Leigh Faulkner (Tuesday, September 12 17 08:45 pm EDT)

    Do I need to sign up for a membership before arriving or is that done when I come for the first time? This is amazing! Thank you for putting this space together!

  • Ashley (Sunday, May 21 17 04:24 pm EDT)

    Is there an additional cost for the house cannabis that you to sample?

  • Kim Sparks (Friday, March 03 17 10:46 am EST)

    I'm interested in your 420 yoga classes.

  • Ryan (Friday, February 24 17 07:20 pm EST)


    Can I bring in a cheeseburgers and fries or steaks to eat while I medicate?

  • Jason (Thursday, January 05 17 01:15 pm EST)

    What a great idea and place! I just joined a meetup group that has game nights and other events here, and look forward to supporting the industry! Thank you!

  • Deborah (Monday, November 28 16 10:31 am EST)

    Really nice, intelligent, fun people?Had a nice time❤️

  • Skip Munk (Saturday, October 22 16 12:24 pm EDT)

    This is great to see happening. Unfortunately, I live in Salem. I do not like to "Toke and Drive" (Liability and it kind of kills the buzz for me).

    I sure would like to see something like this in Salem.

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