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  • Capt Red (Saturday, April 07 18 07:02 pm EDT)

    Smells great!

  • Sam (Tuesday, January 30 18 04:51 pm EST)

    I saw some interesting events on meet up. Is there a fee for the cooking class tomorrow?
    Also curious about game nights. I

  • Brad Holmes (Friday, November 17 17 02:32 pm EST)

    I love it that is an alternative place to enjoy the blessings of cannabis. I hope to have some product to bring along.

  • Leigh Faulkner (Tuesday, September 12 17 08:45 pm EDT)

    Do I need to sign up for a membership before arriving or is that done when I come for the first time? This is amazing! Thank you for putting this space together!

  • Ashley (Sunday, May 21 17 04:24 pm EDT)

    Is there an additional cost for the house cannabis that you to sample?

  • Kim Sparks (Friday, March 03 17 10:46 am EST)

    I'm interested in your 420 yoga classes.

  • Ryan (Friday, February 24 17 07:20 pm EST)


    Can I bring in a cheeseburgers and fries or steaks to eat while I medicate?

  • Jason (Thursday, January 05 17 01:15 pm EST)

    What a great idea and place! I just joined a meetup group that has game nights and other events here, and look forward to supporting the industry! Thank you!

  • Deborah (Monday, November 28 16 10:31 am EST)

    Really nice, intelligent, fun people?Had a nice time❤️

  • Skip Munk (Saturday, October 22 16 12:24 pm EDT)

    This is great to see happening. Unfortunately, I live in Salem. I do not like to "Toke and Drive" (Liability and it kind of kills the buzz for me).

    I sure would like to see something like this in Salem.

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